The knowledge-based institutions and companies audit committee has approved DPPC ,s 26 products as knowledge-based and applied research  driven products.

DPPC presented its 63 products to the audit and  evaluation panel in Sept 2020 who are governed by the officials of vice presidency for Scientific and Technological Affairs organization . From which , 26 were recognized as knowledge –based products.

These group of products belong to a class of drugs named “the drugs and medicinal products used for identification and treatment (synthetic, herbal, natural , biotechnological or cell line technology).

According to the Audit report, all 26 approved candidates are research-based marketed   products , from which, 12 has been awarded the distinction technological and innovative level 1 grade which, in turn, is entitled to tax-exemption. It is note-worthy to mention that the technological and innovation  level one grade is of the highest and most intriguing and highly complicated technology for research and development point of view and are entitled to all supports of the vice presidency for scientific and technology affairs organization.

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