Message of Head Manager

پیام مدیر عامل
Dr. Hooshang Ghasemi

In the name of God
In today’s post industrialized world, the most creative and innovative corporates take lead in most competitive eras. The successful corporations consider their agility and compliancy to the business environment changes as a part of their business model.
As a result of four decades hard work of dedicated human capital of the company, DPPC co is known as pioneer of genuine and rightfully scientific research-based company.
Today, DPPC, on the occasion of its glorious onset of its fourth decade of magnificent achievements achieved in being proactive to finished dosage form manufacturing pharmaceutical companies demands, producing various API,s in compliance  to qualitative and quantitative outstanding levels has taken a major step forward in manufacturing health care products.
Doubtlessly, preserving the past achievements and resolving the forthcoming encounters, calls for a totalitarian consideration of all driving factors, continuous elevation of qualitative and quantitative standards of the products employing the latest scientific and know-how technologies along with endless efforts and struggles of the human resources of the company.
I, Dr Hooshang Ghasemi, resorting to God, the Almighty, and the TPICO ,s support along with the  nonstop efforts of  my colleagues be able to play our role in sustainable production of API,s
I pray for my honorable colleague’s success and triumphs in all seasons.
Dr H. Ghasemi

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